The contract is valid for one year. During the remaining 11 months, you can still utilize the “Basic Technical Support (unlimited)” service. If you require additional tickets, they can be purchased at any time throughout the contract period.

If you have a specific issue that requires the Support Desk to directly investigate and resolve problems in your environment, it will require the consumption of tickets. However, if you have already identified the problem and only need guidance from the Support Desk on how to address it, you can seek assistance within the scope of “Basic Technical Support.”

Yes, according to the terms of use outlined in “kintone-support.com”, the ticket will be consumed for the full 2-hour time slot. However, to make the most efficient use of your tickets, we recommend bundling multiple issues or concerns together when requesting support, unless it is an emergency situation. Our Support Desk will also provide guidance on maximizing the value of your tickets.

In such cases, we suggest considering our Individual Development Support as an alternative to consuming multiple tickets. The feasibility of this approach depends on the specific nature of your request. We encourage you to contact our Support Desk for further assistance and guidance to explore the best solution for your needs.

After signing up for Ticket Support, you will be provided access to “kintone guest space”. Within this space, you can access all relevant information, including the number of consumed tickets, details of your activities, and any Q&A associated with the consumed tickets.

Kintone guest space is a shared space provided by the Support Desk specifically for End Users. It serves as a platform where End Users can access and review the activity records of the Support Desk. It provides transparency and allows End Users to stay informed about the support activities conducted on their behalf.

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