12-TIME TICKET (Annual Contract)

3,540.00 $


Ideal support plan covering trouble shooting, development support and training!

Want to start a Kintone dedicated team in your company? This plan is suitable for companies interested in developing in-house Kintone knowledge. We can assist in building a strong team by providing hands-on training within 12 tickets from beginner to intermediate levels.

This plan includes 12 tickets which can be used for:

    • Initial setting
    • Development support
    • Basic technical support
    • Operational support
    • Training

*This plan includes the Basic Technical Support


  • We provide support during our business hours, which are from Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (excluding public holidays in Thailand).
  • 1 ticket means 2 hours of our support.
  • Our support is available in Thai and English languages. Japanese support is also available with certain limitations.
  • You can reach us through email and Kintone. Typically, inquiries will be answered within the shared Kintone environment, such as Kintone chat.
  • SLO-1: We aim for a response rate of 80% within 2 hours during our business hours.
  • SLO-2: We aim for 100% response within 48 hours during our business hours.

Please read the Terms of Use for Support Desk for Kintone and E-Commerce Terms of Use before purchasing.

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