LITONE LINE (Annual License)

60,000.00 ฿


Chat bot plugin: empower Kintone with LINE chatbot integration for effortless data input.

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LITONE LINE facilitates data input into Kintone through LINE chatbots, offering users the flexibility to input data via text or voice messages. It also enables effortless chatbot creation without the need for programming skills.

Key highlights of LITONE LINE

  • Seamlessly integrate LINE chatbots for efficient data entry into Kintone
  • Allows users to input data conveniently via text or voice messages
  • Build custom chatbots without any programming knowledge

For more information, please visit here. (Japanese site)

*Terms and Conditions*

  1. Contract Period
  • Delivery is expected to be about 2 weeks after ordering.
  • The period of this Agreement shall start from the separately agreed contract start date, and the expiration date of this Agreement shall be one year from the month following the month in which the delivery date of this Service belongs. However, if the above delivery date falls on the first day of the month (i.e., the 1st day), it shall be one year from the said delivery date.
  1. Conditions for Providing LITONE License
  • Limited to use within the applied kintone domain.
  • If the number of domains exceeds the contracted domain of licenses, ISAS will contact the customer. Also, if the domain information is not registered, LITONE use may be suspended.
  • License fee includes Thai/English support fee in principle.
  • The contract will be renewed automatically. If End Users wish to cancel the contract, please let ISAS know one (1) month before the contract expiration date.
  • Customers are required to read and agree to all the terms of use here. The purchase of any type of LITONE licenses implies that customers have read and agreed to these terms.
  1. Others
  • Monthly contract is available only for customers who have passed a certain period of time after purchasing kintone license. For more information, please contact us.

Please read the E-Commerce Terms of Use before purchasing.

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