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MESCIUS: KrewData (Annual License)

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KrewData seamlessly aggregates data from multiple Kintone apps for enhanced business insights.

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Aggregate data from multiple Kintone apps with KrewData, expanding the capabilities of your business system without the need for customization. With support for both scheduled and real-time execution, KrewData adapts to various business scenarios, enabling efficient data management and analysis.

Key highlights of KrewData

  • Automated Data Aggregation: Easily aggregate data across Kintone apps without the need for customization, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Intuitive Interface: Simple operation like solving a puzzle, allowing users of all skill levels to navigate data aggregation commands effortlessly.
  • Execution Log Management: Track aggregation results through logs on Kintone, ensuring transparency and accountability in data management processes.

Select from 2 plans –

  • Scheduled Execution Plan: Perform regular data aggregation based on preset schedules, with options for monthly, daily, and hourly intervals, as well as specific day-of-week or end-of-month settings.
  • Real-Time Execution Plan: Respond to app operations in real-time for immediate data aggregation, triggered by events such as record additions or updates via Webhooks or API calls.

For more information, please visit here. (Japanese site)

*Terms and Conditions*

  1. Contract Period
  • Delivery is expected to be about 2 weeks after ordering.
  • The period of this Agreement shall start from the separately agreed contract start date, and the expiration date of this Agreement shall be one year from the month following the month in which the delivery date of this Service belongs. However, if the above delivery date falls on the first day of the month (i.e., the 1st day), it shall be one year from the said delivery date.
  1. Conditions for providing Krew series license
  • The contract will be renewed automatically. If End Users wish to cancel the contract, please let ISAS know one (1) month before the contract expiration date.
  • Customers are required to read and agree to all the terms of use here. The purchase of any type of Krew licenses implies that customers have read and agreed to these terms.
  1. Others
  • Monthly contract is available only for customers who have passed a certain period of time after purchasing kintone license. For more information, please contact us.

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